Welcome to Cooking with Cannabis!

Herein you will find information on marijuana and the role it could play in your kitchen, should you be adventurous enough to use it as an ingredient. The primary goal of this blog is not to extol the therapeutic or wellness properties of cannabis, but to explain how cannabis can compliment your home cooking.

This blog is about achieving cohesion between the flavour, texture, and appearance of cannabis with the ingredients of my all-time favourite recipes.

Cooking cannot be mastered. No matter how proficient your culinary skills, cooking continually presents new challenges. In this way, to cook is as much an introspective struggle as a physical one. Repeated failures are perhaps more emotionally and psychologically draining than anything else, but it is the pursuit for perfection that leads us to try again.

Of all the ingredients I have come across, cannabis is absolutely the most difficult to use. If you aspire to use cannabis for anything more than making cannabis edibles or cannabis candies, this is the blog for you. I encourage you to click beyond this page, learn more about the role cannabis can play in your kitchen, and maybe take on the challenge of cooking with cannabis for yourself.