About Us

All too often, people treat cannabis as a medicine or a recreational drug, but there is so much more to the plant than what is demonstrated in those markets. It amazes me that harnessing its therapeutic properties has been the impetus for its increased use, when a much richer experience awaits in gastronomy.

Cooking with cannabis entails that our understanding evolve beyond its therapeutic properties, and into the depths of its colour, texture, flavour, aroma, and taste. When our understanding of cannabis as an ingredient becomes all-encompassing, it can be used to enhance a dish.

If you are passionate about cooking, the possibility that you could add cannabis to your culinary arsenal should get your creative juices flowing.

On this site, we aspire to use cannabis in ways that compliment the foods we use each day rather than show you how to make marijuana edibles – which are primarily used as a delivery system for cannabinoids.

Whether you experience a high is incidental and of little importance to us. We are here to stimulate the palette first. If this resonates with you, please explore more of the site.